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We invite readers to register for the magazine's publication notification service. Click on Registration in the top menu of the page. Registration will allow the reader to receive the summary via email with each new edition. The list also seeks to claim a basic level of support or reading of the magazine. Read the Privacy Policy, which assures readers that their names and addresses provided will not be used for other purposes.


Do you want to send contributions to the magazine? We invite everyone to check the About the Journal section to learn more about the available sections, as well as the Guidelines for Authors, available in the Submission field. Authors must register in the system before submitting an article; If you have already registered, simply access the system and begin the 5-step submission process.


We invite libraries to list Open Access journals in their electronic journal catalogs. This publishing system is also designed to be hosted and operated by libraries, in support of the work of publishing their academic staff's journals.

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