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To submit the article, the responsible author must register and submit the file in our online submission system.



The responsible author may submit 1 to 4 articles for evaluation in each call, with each article having 1 to 5 authors. Each article must have dimensions between 8 and 20 pages, counting the entire article.


Structured texts will be accepted in the following modalities:

  • Search completed;

  • Research in progress;

  • Academic essay;

  • Experience report;

  • Literature review.



Submitted texts must contain: title; summary (100 to 300 words); keywords (3 to 5); body of the text (introduction, theoretical foundation, methodological description, presentation and discussion of data and conclusions); and references. References must comply with ABNT standards (6022).

Articles must be written in Word for Windows; with 1.5 spacing and justified; with left and right margins of 3 cm, top and bottom margins of 3 cm. They must be typed in Times New Roman font and size 12.

To facilitate the construction and formatting of the text, access the text by clicking here.

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